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Skype Video calling on Samsung Galaxy S2

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I have the same problem, Video calling works but the microphone is muted on my Galaxy side, no way to unmute it; The other party cannot hear anything... Any solution?

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With all these questions from users who are using one of the most popular phones around at the moment, and still no answers from Skype!

We need help with this please.

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Hi, I just purchased the (LG OPTIMUS 4G LTE) - Only currently available in S.Korea BUT the exact same phone as the Galaxy S II.


I also am having trouble with Skype. When making a call it sounds like the other person is a million miles away. When the video is on there is no option to turn up the volume. The other party aslo can not hear me well with either front or back camera on. 


How do we fix this? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am clueless with technology. 



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I'm having the same issue with the galaxy s2
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Skype today released version 2.6 for Android devices.  I suggest you give it a try.

Please note: I do not respond to requests for help via Private Message.
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I can get the call and video, only problem I am looking at me, no video of the caller.


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Same problem, no video even front and rear cam, Galaxy SII.


Video conversation can be used before, but suddenly no video during converstation any more.


New andriod version and new skype version.  Install and uninstall and reinstall few time,  same problem.  Voice call and chat are OK.


Samsung Galaxy S2.

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I have been reading all of the comments concerning this issue with S2 and I've tried some of things suggested.  Every time I uninstall and reinstall from the Android Market the probelm gets worst.  First, I could not use video call.  I would get a message that said "Initializing video".  Now the app disconnects.  I am running OS 2.3.6. 

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Hi all,


I am running 2.3.4 on my S2 with latest Android Skype version Everything works perfectly. I know there are some other OS problems with 2.3.6. Hopefully everything will get better when Android 4.x gets released for S2 by the end of March.


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