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Skype Video calling on Samsung Galaxy S2

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I just bought the new Samsung galaxy S2 and downloaded Skype Android but all I can do is Voice call people, there is no Video Call even though the phone has a rear and front camera. How do I fix this?



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got the same error no video the is sound good

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I have a international unlocked & unbranded Samsung Galaxy S2. I too have the same problem ... I can't seem to make video calls on Skype.


Does anyone know if Skype video calling is supported on the Galoaxy S2?



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As of 4th August 2011 , Skype has released a new official update in the android market    (ver - which supports the video calling option in Samsung galaxy s2 and it gives the user 3 options while doing a video call

1. Use front camera (2mp )

2. Use back camera (8mp)

3. Don't show your video


Happy Video calling using ur Samsung Galaxy S2 , no more hacked or unofficial skype software , go in for the official Skype software !!!!

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i can get video on samsung galaxy s2 but no sound. it keeps telling me my mic is muted.. what can i do???

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Unfortunately not. I have a samsung galaxy tab 10.1 and of august 4th it should work with video. I downloaded the newest version but no difference at all. No camera! I contacted Samsung and they advised me to go to Skype and Skype advised me to go to Samsung. So that will not work. Anybody good ideas to help me out?

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Hey Sanchez


I've downloaded the official skype on my phone which I only received yesterday -- but I get no video skype option. Sound works beautifully. Task manager has nothing running -- perhaps there is something else interfering with the camera? Any advice appreciated.



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Skype Video calling for SGX2 is ok, only 1 problem that will need some advices ...when making video calling no voice to Bluetooth only on speaker phone of SGX2...any solution for this
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Simply uninstalling skype and reinstalling it solved the problem. I'm now very happy with skype and video calling.
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I have download this latest skype app ver. but still have no joy in seeing video (sound is good). Unistalled and reinstalled a couple of times but makes symptoms are still the same.  To the users above in this thread...... did you change any settings to enable video calls? 

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