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Skype Video calling not working on Samsung Nexus S 4G

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Casual Adventurer
  • Downloaded
  • Logged on.
  • No Video Chat capability.
  • No video button
  • No link to Skype video in contacts who have Skype.

This is a completely stock, unrooted, Nexus S 4G on Android 2.3.4


I can't say I'm surprised. Skype is notorious for throwing stuff out half baked.

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Former Staff
Accepted by Claudius (Community Manager)
‎28-08-2015 11:00

We have made an update available in the Android market which means it should be possible to install and get video calling on most versions of Nexus S including the 4G


If anybody still has problems after installing the update on a Nexus S device we would appreciate you posting the exact model number of your device so we can look into it. More info here

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Same here. No video chat capability on my Nexus S.


Model: SGH-i9020A (AT&T 3G)

Android Version: 2.3.4

Build Number: GRJ22

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Novel Adventurer
Exact same.
Android Version: 2.3.4

No video link, button.

Skype version Uninstalled, reinstalled. Phone restart.
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Casual Adventurer

Anyone from Skype like to comment ? 


Doesn't appear to be working on Sprint Nexus S 4G

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Casual Adventurer

It isn't working for me either on my Nexus S 4G.


It seems they only activated the feature for the Nexus S.

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Casual Tourist

Same here, no video on my nexus S. 4G that is, on Sprint

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Former Staff

We are sorry, the Nexus S 4G is not yet supported. We plan to support it in the next release.

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Casual Adventurer

What ? 

That is pathetic.

You guys are lame.

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Novel Adventurer

Not working on mine either


Telus Nexus S (Koodo)

Baseband I9020AUCKD1

Android version 2.3.4

Build Number GRJ22

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Novel Adventurer

Yeh its not working here either, same as just_cur1ous

Telus Nexus S (Telus)
Baseband I9020AUCKD1
Android version 2.3.4
Build Number GRJ22


I hope it has nothing to do with being in canada.....


on the plus side straight voice calls are EXCELLENT.

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