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Skype Video Calling for Galaxy tab 10.1

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Any idea when this is comming?  I want my father to skype with his grand daughter.





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I would also very much like to know this, please bring the video support soon
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I also have Galaxy Tab - running Gingerbread (2.3.3). Sure would like to have video chatting! That is all I am lacking for using Skype as my main phone service! Thanks!

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 I can't wait to actually get to use my Galaxy 10.1for what i bought it for

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HEY spype team: Can you tell us when it will be avalible? I am also using the GALAXY 10.1 and to video call I am force to use google talk, but all my contacts use skype! I am force to ask then to install google talk, that is good, but not as skype!
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So I'm not alone in this boat.  Skype video calling was one of the main reasons I purchased the Galaxy 10.1

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Why no word on this? I bought my Galaxy Tab 10.1 (like others) due to the great cameras so I could use Skype. I am on the verge of returning it. If I only knew when or even IF Skype video calls will ever work on it that would be awesome. PLEASE!!

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I too have a Galaxy tab 10.1, and what, no video conferencing with skype? So, when will it be available for the 10.1? Ashame, great cameras all dressed up and no where to show.....

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I just purchased my tab thinking skype will work since the other galaxy tab has it and come to my surprise not skype support for my tablet. if this different get resolved fast then im returning this product.

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I Just purchased an Acer A501 so I could Skype my friends. I would also like to know when video calling is comming.