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Skype Keep Auto-Closing After a Few Minutes of Inactivity

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Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S (Android 4.0.4)


Skype app (version


Skype keeps closing after few minutes of inactivity or even quicker if I switch to another app or the home screen.

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Accepted by Claudius (Community Manager)
‎28-08-2015 11:00
The random sign out issue was fixed with the latest update to Skype 2.9:

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I'm having the same problem !
Device : LG Optimus One P500

Skype version

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my mobile phone is a sony xperia arc this problem only stared 2 days ago i have to reboot every hour or so annoying someone please help

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I've been having the same problem for about a week now. Skype auto-closes and when I restart it, it asks me either for the password or for both user name and password (both of which should be remembered automatically). The device is a Samsung Galaxy S2 (GT-I9100), Android 2.3.3.

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Yes, I have the same model as you, Samsung Galaxy II and Skype has been switching itself off about every 30-45 minutes. Its been doing it for about 4 days now. Its really frustrating.

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Same here in the last few days. Nexus S, android 4.0.4
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I have the same problem, mine usually closes after an hour  


Device: LG Optimus S


Skype app version:

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Same here, no update or anything changed, just started happening on It's own.


Tried re-installing, re-booting etc but to no avail.

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Same problem, closes process when app is closed, requires restart app  and login again, can't receive calls unless actively using skype app


Droid X

Skype Version

System Version 4.5.621

Android Version 2.3.4

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I am also having the same problem on my HTC EVO 3D. It started doing it about 2 days ago. Every time, it closes after a while of inactivity and when I go to restart it I have to put my password back in. 


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