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Skype Keep Auto-Closing After a Few Minutes of Inactivity

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Can I make a suggestion for the future. If such a situation arises again, could Skype simply re-release the older working version as an 'update'. That way we could all go back to the past version without difficulty until the problem is fixed and a new release made.

Casual Adventurer

Yeah, good idea!  Or at least provide us with older version downloads (non-market apk files) from their website so we can simply uninstall and download and install that to our phones.  That may not be possible but it would make it a hell of a lot easier than trying to find it elsewhere and you never know what you're getting from unknown websites etc etc.



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Claudius wrote:
We have identified the problem and will provide a fix for this issue with a future update. 

"And yet it moves"... 


Galileo Galilei, 1633


Casual Adventurer

A new update today - on my HTC One.


Fingers crossed.

Casual Adventurer

The new update that came out specifically has a bug fix listed as "no more random signing out".


Note that I did have to go into applications listing and clear data after installing this update for it to work correctly, but after that it has been good so far.

Casual Adventurer

Wow, that's good news.  I'm downloading right now.  Strangely, my Galaxy S has been fine on 2.8 but my patner's HTC Incredible (this is the one we really want it to behave on) is still having problems.  Same version, same settings or at least I can't see anything different.  Not to worry, I'll download the latest on hers and clear data and keep my fingers crossed too. 


A thank you in advance to Skype for getting the fix out pretty quickly in the end.  We reserve our final judgement of course but things are looking up!


Oh happy days!

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The random sign out issue was fixed with the latest update to Skype 2.9:

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