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Skype For Android and T-Mobile G2

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I have a T-mobile G2 Android phone. Skype works on it rather well, but about 50% of the time it will not ring. I am not using WIFI and have only used T-mobiles 4G network for calls. Skype support's canned response says only Verizon customers can use Skype through Verizons network.


T-mobile claims they have opened their network in 3G & 4G to enable Skypes use. It seems to me that if it works and rings about 50% of the time on the T-mobile network the skype app is buggy.


Anyone else experience this?

Doc @DocsPlaceOnline
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What app are you using? I see a number of SKYPE apps, but can't get one to work. I'm looking for an Android app to try with T-Mobile.
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I just had success with my Android T-Mobile phone.  I downloaded Skype from, installed it, then had to turn on some Google saving/sharing stuff.  Then I turned on my phone's Wi-Fi and used my home DSL network instead of T-Mobile.  So, it worked just like my Ipad, via Wi-Fi, not connected to the cell network.  The only weird problem I had was that my friend's picture was upside down (or visa-versa).  The audio and video were fine (albeit upside down).


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i canot sign in skype from my phone from whay?

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