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Skype App forgetting password

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When there is a problem with connectivity on login or loss of connectivity while beeing online the skype app on my android will seemingly forget the password - next time I start it I have to type it which drives me nuts on the android keyboard. Howto reproduce: * go into a deep cave without internet connectivity * start skype app, quit skype after it failed to login * leave the cave and enter area with good internet connectivity * start skype app - for me it fails to login and says user/password not recognised; have to enter it manually again Richard
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What type of device, android version, and skype version are you using? The more info I recieve the better I can report the issue.


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It is a Huawei Ideos X3, stock Android 2.3.3. Just tried to reproduce by switching data connection on/off but could reproduce the behaviour only once this way, trying to figure out more.
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More info: when skype is runing and signed in, switching data connection on/off does never trigger this behavior and skype behaves as expected. However when skype is running and signed in, I stay for a while in a supermarket with very bad 3G connection skype will somehow exit uncleanly/disappear and upon next start "forget" my password. Another way to trigger the behavior is apparently when I run out of memory. HTH
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I just started having the same problem a few days ago, no idea why.  Have you figured out the cause or solution?

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Same here, except that I ain't sure if that's due to connectivity loss. FYI, my model is samsung galaxy s3.

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I have a Samsung Galaxy S2.  I uninstalled all apps I had recently installed and then uninstalled and reinstalled the Skype app, but this has not solved the problem.  Just for the heck of it, I just tried changing my Skype password to see whether this makes any difference.  If it magically helps, I'll post back in a day, otherwise assume it didn't. :-/

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As expected, the password change did not have an effect.


However, I was on my service provider's data network (Virgin mobile in Canada) for half of yesterday and Skype did not sign out in that time.  When I returned home in the evening and switched to wifi, Skype signed out within an hour.  Thinking back, this has so far only happened while I've been on wireless networks (it also happened at work, so it is not just an artifact of my home network).  When have the others had trouble?


BTW, I have Android 2.3.3.

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FYI, there is another thread where many have recently complained of the same problem, no fix there yet: 

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I also have the same issue. I have a Samsung Galaxy Y that has no cell service associated with it, so it is WiFi only. In between work and home this same problem will happen.

Skype ver.
Android ver. 2.3.5
Kernel ver.
Samsung Galaxy Y (GT-S5360L) on WiFi only.

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