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Skype Android not sync contacts from Skype Desktop

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I've had Skype running on my Widows 7 desktop PC for some time with great success.  I've just installed the Skype app on my new Samsung 10.1 Tab.  It syncs the names of my contacts, and their city and state, but no other information.  Phone numbers, etc., are left "not specified." Furthermore, it won't let me edit those contacts to manual add the phone numbers.


Anyone have any suggestions?  Thanks!

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Me too.


I added most of my Skype contacts through the Android app and when I sign in on my Macbook, they are not there. 


Anyone have a solution?

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I have the same problem. Any contacts i add on Android mobile skype do not show up on my desktop skype. Is there a solution other than having to add seperately on both devices or ensure i only add on desktop as i have just checked and it seems to add on mobile automatically after ive added on desktop. So the problem is only when i add on mobile.

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Anyone there?  This problem has been around a long time.

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When I click on the icon of the phone book in the Skype dialing pad it takes me to my phones contact database.  You are supposed to be able to pick one of your contacts and have Skype copy the number from it back over to the dialer.  I've found Skype to be unreliable at doing this.  Sometimes it works fine, others it brings back nothing, it even wipes out the previously set country code and leaves the phone # field blank.  I've noticed that it also makes random duplicates of records in my phones contact list.  However when I leave Skype and go into my contacts directly outside of Skype, the records that were just showing as duplicates inside Skype are all gone and everything is back to normal.  I've had random problems with the country code too.  It does not remember where you set it at and time after time I've had to reset it.  Skype also causes my phone to crash and reset itself at random times.  Since I don't know how to have Skype load when my phone boots I have to manually load Skype again; missing calls in the meantime. Does Skype require a minimum amount of free memory to run properly? (that's kind of what it's acting like, being sperattic)


I know this does not help any of you here, but I wanted to voice all the things I have found wrong with Skype on Android including the contact database in case a coder is reading this. (I SURE HOPE SO!)  FYI I have 2 Sanyo Vio's and both phones are doing the same thing.  Skype really needs some work on the Android platform as far as I'm concerned.  I'm very disappointed!  I have an annual unlimited US\Can credit along with a $5 International balance with a Skype in phone number.  Call me on Skype at "burtlesarge" if you want to talk about it, I'm online 24/7 but 10 AM - 9 PM E.S.T. is best.  :bigsmile:

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I use a PC with Windows XP SP 3.


here's the solution that worked for me:

sign out first of the application on your mobile.

sign out and quit the application on the PC.

On the PC:

go to Start then look for Run tab.

On Run, kindly type in %appdata%

Press th OK button

Look for the Skype folder.

Once you have clicked on the Skype folder, look for your Skype username.

Delete the config.xml file (you can move it to a different folder, just in case).

log in again to your Skype account using the application.

After completing the "startup" activities you should see you contacts.

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same problem.

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I'm experiencing same issue wih latest skyp for android on sgs3. Strange thing is thas some of contacts that came from desktop version of skype actually DO have phone numbers in them. But most of contacts do not.

As a workaround I added some of frequently used phone numbers as separate contacts but this is ugly.

So microsoft/skype/whatever, please fix this sync issue.

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Same here with Skype for Linux and Skype for Android. No other solution than deinstalling Skype for Android for me since i need contacts and chats to be consistent ...


Besides, the non-existent sync between the versions is also true for chats and friendship requests :-/

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Have seen a lot of questions and no answers here. I have a skype phone number that I paid for since I was overseas and wanted a US number. Now I am back and have the gamut of mobile phone and tablet. Would like to still use this skype number, but cannot add phone numbers to my EXISTING contacts in my samsung tablet 10.1. Is this just a glaring error that has been conveniently avoided by Skype, or is there actually a solution out there?

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