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Skype Android does not work in Alcatel one touch 890D

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Novel Adventurer

where is this information on site or support? doesnt have any version to this cpu?

Novel Adventurer

If this limitation of 600 MHz and more really exist on Android OS, why on my Nokia 5530 Symbian OS with 434 MHz ARM 11 processor I'm able to install and phone with Skype?

I mean: why exists this different ?

Is Symbian better optimized than Android or is it a Skype problem?

Novel Adventurer

For test purpose, I downloaded old versions of Skype from

I installed Skype and Skype but there is the same problem of sign in.

Novel Tourist



I'm have this problem too, my Alcatel 890D has Android V2.2.2 and Skpe not work, if the problem is the procesor (420 MHz), why not work with olders versión of Skpe???


Please any idea?


Best regards

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