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Skype 2.8 for Android released, use this post for feedback

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Saltank wrote:
Signing me out all the time on my Galaxy Nexus 4.0.4 with the following message:

your skype name and password were not recognized. please check and try again

Same thing here on my Xperio Pro. Started a few weeks ago.

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I got a dropped connection after the call had connected for 1 minute. It's the first time I've used the Android version of Skype and I get a dropped connection. Versions for PC, Linux, iPod never had that problem. Also background noise as well. Do yourself a favour - please add download links for older versions of the app 2.5 / 2.6 / 2.7 since many reviews posted in Googles app store are complaining that app updates seem to cause more problems than they fix!!!!

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No videocalls possbile with Samsung Galaxy S GTI 9003 latest OS Gingerbread and latest Skype app. Vdeocall opens and than crashes the device -> Boot
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Device: Google Nexus One (HTC) unlocked

Android os ver: 2.3.6

Wireless network used: AT&T (USA)

Skype: (the latest from the market)


Skype takes 5-10 min to fully start!!!. It is veerry slugish. Some calls to me Skype online number are not registered at all (in particlar when made from cell phones). I think we need a much leaner Skype app.


Also, Skype app sometimes closes by itself. Or  logs me out.


The previous version was MUCH better. Where can I get it?



- JAcek



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Green screen video still not fixed...?! (USA) It was fixed in Europe two weeks ago.:robothappy:

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feedback..... tell people you released version 2.8 too soon and make a previous version available so people who own Android handsets can actually do something useful (about half of all smartphones sold these days are running Android), unsubscribing from this thread as there's unlikely to be anything useful forthcoming.

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Just in case the Skype team read this thread (they obviously don't read the other one about the constant automatic closing - ) PLEASE do something about the automatic closing / logging off.



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The solution I found for my HTC Thunderbolt:  After the latest upgrade, I had issues with Skype automatically closing and not remembering my password once I brought it back up.  I uninstalled from Google Play and installed Skype from the Amazon market place which is a different version.  I have not had issues for the last week.   :bigsmile:


Play: Version

Amazon: Version 2.8.501.910



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UNUSABLE for CALLS OR TEXT/IM messages in 2.8


Unfortunately, now I can't use Skype on my phone.  Since it takes 15-20 minutes to RE-load the history each time it starts, by the time the last update (version loads, the requirement to call or send an IM text via Skype is gone.  I've had to revert to regular calls, SMS texts through the phone, or Google Voice.  You can't see your contacts to try to text OR call, UNTIL ALL your history is RE-loaded EACH time you start Skype, which takes 15-20 minutes.  EVERYTIME you start Skype, you have to RE-load ALL your history, as this version will NOT remember you've already seen these messages.  While 911 calls will never work, urgent 911 calls would be impossible to even attempt if it did, since the app takes so long to load.

Separately, when you first start Skype and it tries to log you in, it takes about 30-50 seconds.  if you get impatient, and then hit the back button so you can do something else, it STOPS trying to log in and ERASES your default password.  Quite often, my wife says she can't log in, as it forgot her password.  This is the cause.  the fix is to NOT disable default PW if the back button is hit.    

I just RE-ran the test.  First, I "accepted" as having read all my current messages, which matched my PC.  Then, I shut down Skype completely, and restarted it.  15 minutes later, it is STILL re-loading my history, won't show all contacts, won't show all the history on recent messages, is up to 9 unread messages by the red counter, but will not allow me to see any of them, and the circle is still showing "syncing".  (I'm running Wifi fast connection with no cell tower connected right now, 2.3 OS, plenty of RAM and storage, and recently rebooted.)  

Several fixes would do:  
1. CACHE my contacts, CACHE my history.
2. Show my contacts IMMEDIATELY after login, WITHOUT history, and allow me to send messages or call NOW.

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I have a HTC sensation on ICS and now also have the green video problem - can you help please
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