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Skype 2.8 for Android released, use this post for feedback

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HTC desire
Android 2.3.3
Skype version
Any internet provider
Receiving audio always completely broken. Impossible to make any call.
It works ok only using the loud speaker.
Had same problem with all older version I had. Heard other people with other HTC devices having same issue.
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huawei mediapad

android 4 



after i sign in, all my contacts are offline but some my contacts are actually online. i cannot make any call or send a message. when i try to call, dark screen with two photos and icons below them appear but nothing happens after this. contact that i call do not see anything.


please, help. 

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I'm kinda new to skype so I picked it up after the update so I don't know about previous issues but when I make a skype call IF the call connects after a few seconds it'll show the "calling" action and then say call failed I am on a wifi network but my connection is strong any help? (the person I'm calling is on windows 7 also using a strong wifi connection)
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This is not correct. I have an Epic 4g touch on sprint's unlimited network and I cannot login. So, if Skype blocked 3g/4g access based on one company's request, that is a major fail.

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this was in reply to: Skype is not at fault for 3G connection not working. It seems Orange have now blocked Skype using 3G.

I set up a VPN using a app from app store and hey presto skype signed in, dont no much about virtual private networks and if they use more data etc.
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I talked to Orange today and they've said they haven't blocked skype, and that everything is working fine - so the fault must be with Skype.


Fix it please!

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I've bought a subscription to unlimited calls to the United States from the UK. Using Skype on my mobile in the UK, I called my friend's mobile over there in the states, and initially heard them say hello. Then nothing. The call then got disconnected - not by them or me. I then called them on a normal non-Skype call and they told me they heard me saying I couldn't hear them during the Skype call and they talked back to me, although I couldn't hear them say anything. Why would I be able to hear them briefly, then not at all while all the time they seem to be able to hear me ok?This deal would be good value for money...if it works. Please help. Stu.
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I have samsung galaxy s but i cant sign in all steps failed
Novel Adventurer
I have samsung galaxy s but i cant sign in all steps failed 2.3.6 android version
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which program did you download from the app market??