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Skype 2.8 for Android released, use this post for feedback

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I had the exact same problem as logevlevy and clearing the data worked for me.
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MyTouch 3G Slide (on Tmobile)

Android v2.2.1 (last OTA update, not rooted)

Skype v2.8.0.920


This is just FYI, as my issue's been resolved.


I installed the app, and was stuck not being able to login. All I had to do was uninstall and reinstall, and now everything is working great.

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My feedback is that the skype always crushes after starting the program on my sensation xe. It says: "Skype has stopped working".

What is the solution?

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This is what I'm getting. This is what I get with Video Chat from my HTC One S - ICS to my PC. Perfect internet connection. Latest versions of Skype on both HTC One S and PC.


Anyone know a fix?


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Hi Petzkin,

I tried your solution 2 days ago and it worked.

Today my HTC sensation decided not to let skype run, it failed to connect after login.

I tried your solution again but it really doesn't work this time.

Android version: 4.0.3

HTC Sense 3.6

wifi connected.

Thanks in advance

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A few things that still bother me about skype, even version 2.8:


  1.  I can't enlarge the text
  2.  I can't right-click which means I can't edit my IM messages.
  3.  It doesn't clear my received skype IM which means that when I sign out of skype and sign in again I still see old IM messages that I have already read and cleared


Apart from that it is excellent. Very fast and easy to use!


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I use it on my pc, but I just tried downloading it on my Samsung GalaxyS and when I attempt to log in, this is all I get.  I have tried rebooting the phone, uninstalling, and reinstalling.  Kernel version is 2.6.29

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updated skype on asus transformer; now video is blotchy all the
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I keep running into this issue on my SGS2 with TMO on 2.3.6. I have to uninstall and reinstall Skype almost every day if I want to be able to use it. It is extremely annoying and I haven't found that clearing the cache, data, or rebooting has been able to resolve the issue.

Skype version
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I recently upgraded to the newest version of Skype for Android on my Garminfone smartphone, which runs Android 2.1, and the software is unbelievably glitchy. Every one of my calls is invariably disconnected within one minute, and the program will not allow me to make a new call because it shows that the "current call has not ended". I can click on the Call Icon and try to end the phantom call by pressing the red button, but this never works. The only way to reset the Call function is to turn off my phone and restart the entire phone. I hope to see these bugs resolved promptly in a new software release. 

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