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Skype 2.8 for Android released, use this post for feedback

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I can't use neither skype 2.8, nor 2.7 or older version. I have an older (original??) 7" Galaxy Tab (model MID7 ?) runing Android 2.3.5., wi-fi.


I get the message "Skype has stoped working. Would you like to try again or exit?" Tried stops and stays in the login page, without doing anything. It does this doesn't matter what I tried.


For Skype 2.8 I tried the following:

1) Install, re-boot, start it.

2) Move it to SD card, cleared data, re-boot, start it.

3) Cleared data, uninstall it, re-boot, re-install it, re-boot, start it.


And probably some variations of this.


For 2.7 I also tried to creat a new account...same thing.


Any suggestions, please?

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I have Android Infuse, AT&T. Skype started acting up a few days ago, so I deleted and tired to reload from market. App downloads, but during install it freezes, does a reboot, and deletes the download. Once or twice I have gotten a space comment, but I have plenty of space and operating room. PLEASE HELP!

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I feel your pain brother!


PLEASE can you tell me where you found SFA 2.7?


I've looked at loads of dodgy download sites hoping to find a download for SFA 2.7 - or anything before the dreaded 2.8 - 


ALL the sites I've been to just re-direct me to Skype's official site which ONLY offers a download for the un-workable, in-edible, ridiculous SFA 2.8!!!!!


Does someone please know of some kind of pirate/hacker site which will offer me a download of ANY SFA [before 2.8]?


Thank God I don't work for Skype - I would never be able to hold my head up in public again after this fiasco! It's worse than when MS rolled out Vista!



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Problems with video chat on Samsung Galaxy Note and Android 2.3.6


When I used the previous version of skype for video chat, I met all the three problems regularly as mentioned here:


With the latest update of skype, the problems are solved but new problems appear. I again face the same problem with the following post.


The problem appears with video chat when calling out. Accepting video chat calling in and voice chat calling in/out all work correct. Now, I can only ask the other side to initiate the video chat.


When I call out a video chat and the other side accepts it, we are connected and can hear each other talking. But the screen keeps in the dialing screen and the dailing sound "dudu...dudu..." keeps noisy, together with the voice from the other side at the same time.


Sometimes, when I call out a video chat, I cannot stop it by touching the red "stop" button, no matter the other side has accepted it or not. It keeps calling/chatting and I need to kill it using the Android task manager.


Skype contains so many bugs that I cannot believe it is from Microsoft or a big company that makes money with it.


I have problems with the latest update of Skype 2.8. After installing, I would like to sign in to my skype account. When I want to sing in, it show me a message that at this moment cannot connect to Skype, and encouraged to try again later. I tried it all: I deleted the application and re-install and a combination of both.
Details: phone model: HTC Wildfire S with Software: Android 2.3.5 (last update) Rooted and Custom ROM: no
Please help and thank you!
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hi there

Have samsung nexus 2 and skype could not update - came up with package invalid error. Called up service provider- was told to sync from computer- this has not worked either as it times itself out. Can you please help as I really want to have skype back on my phone -it is there in the google play and when I try to install,comes up with 'package not valid' error
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i'm using micromax a78

when i switch video call..

skype not list this device message is coming


guide me

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Hey Guys,

I've solved my problem [Skype for Android 2.8 had such bad sound quality on my HTC Wildfire that it was unusable - either with wifi or 3G].


Here's what I did:


1/ uninstall SFA 2.8

2/ install VYKE mobile.


Problem solved.

I can now make wifi calls on my HTC Wildfire to mobiles and landlines.


I am dismayed that no skype moderator answered my requests for help, or that I was cut off from their computerised chat support service.


I will still keep "skype for 3" on my phone and skype on my computer, as I like skype and wish to remain loyal; and hope that someday, hopefully in the not too distant future, skype will fix SFA 2.8 so that it's usable; and that they won't lose too many disgruntled customers in the meantime.

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Video call is really bad, I downgraded it to 2.7.


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Where did you find SFA 2.7?

I've looked everywhere for a download, but can't find one!