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Skype 2.8 for Android released, use this post for feedback

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I got the Asus Transformer pad 300 and whenever I begin a skype video call, the quality of the video that the other person recieves is good for about 1 minute. After that the quality all of a sudden drops and it is very pixelated. I tried this several times with different people as well as my home computer. My internet connection is good and I'm right next to the router.


Then after ending the call and exiting out of skype (to try to get a good quality going again), skype crashes when it attempts to login. The send crash report window shows up which I send and after that skype starts fine and a video call quality is good again for about 1 minute. This was reproducable several times.


The video quality problem is on the receiving end and it does not matter which camera I use (front or back).


Another issue is during a video call, the window that shows my own camera is very zoomed in but the recieving person seems a normal image.


Also the android version is 4.0.3 and I do not seem to have the problems that other people are mentioning about pink and green screen for the person receving my video, just horrible quality.

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Hey is anyone else having issues with the latest update of skype on Samsung galaxy sII? I have android 2.3 oem to sasktel.  skype worked flawlessly for me up until the last update. Now it takes up to two hours to load, absolutely overloads the processor to overheat, and voice calls take 20 minutes to connect.  Let me know if there's an update coming to resolve this or even a way to fix that problem.  I run a business and skype is my only form of communication in this business and as of the last update my clients can no longer get a hold of me. Thanks for your time.

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here are the details of my phone:

Model Number: GT-I9100M

Android Version: 2.3.3

Baseband Version; I9100MUGKG2

Kernel Version: #2


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After reading all the comments at least now Skype should get to know that they have screwed the product or probably released the wrong piece of code.


You cannot garuntee when it works now. I use skype a lot through my phone and after the update, I can hardly use it once in a day. The Windows version works fine.


Mine is a Sensation Xe and please let us all know on when you can release a fix to undo what ever you did in the last release. I was actually happy with the old version.


If not please provide the apk for the old version and take your time to properly test the next update.

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I cant even download it. Gg wp
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Can you tell me how to use Skype on android phone as is asking for credit do I have to pay or can I make free calls please

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I just recently got the update myself on my galaxy nexus gsm, and I have to agree a bit with the chat complaints. I liked seeing my chat partners icon when they spoke, and I prefer seeing my name instead of "me".

Another issue I've had is skype seems to close for no apparent reason inn the background sometimes. The previous version never did that.

Device: Galaxy Nexus (GSM)
Android version: 4.0.1 (can't upgrade without rooting, in Canada on Wind network)
Rooted and Custom ROM: no
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I have an HTC Wildfire using Android 2.2.1.

It came with "Skype for 3" installed, but this does not allow me to connect to Skype using WiFi, which would be very useful as I visit countries where there is a lot of free wifi.


Today I installed Skype 2.8 for Android - which your website said was suitable for the HTC Wildfire.

I have tried connecting to Skype using both 3G and WiFi, but the sound is broken up and crackley. 

When I try calling Skype test call, the recording tells me to check my microphone settings.

My microphone settings are fine; I can use the phone for normal calls and for "skype on 3" calls.


I have followed the advice you gave to yogevlevy18 meticulously:


"Please try the following steps (best if connected via Wifi for these):
1. Reboot your device after the installation and try again.
2. If #1 failed, go to Settings - Applications - Skype - Clear data, reboot your device and login to Skype again.
3. If #1&#2 failed, uninstall Skype, reboot your device, reinstall Skype 2.8 from the Google Play Store.

If all these steps fail, please let me know whats the Android version you are using and what connection type it's connected with."


The problem still persists!

HTC Wildfire, Android 2.2.1 - using 3G or Wifi


I would really really like to make skype calls on my phone whilst abroad - it's a pain to have to drag a lap-top around all day just to make calls.


I think Skype is a wonderful service and I use it a lot.


I hope you can resolve this problem.





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The video is still rotated om my alcatel one touch 995.
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Still no support for video calls on many devices like Samsung galaxy y pro duos gt b5512.... it has front camera...