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Skype 2.8 for Android released, use this post for feedback

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Casual Adventurer
Friend developer, I want to inform you that the new version of skype ( is not legal in your design, it was better to talk in the chat viewing the profile image in conversation as it was in the layout of the previous version. And had the enter button next to the message field to send emoticons without using the keyboard.

Sent from Samsung Galaxy W
Casual Adventurer
I wish mean that it's not cool* ...
Casual Adventurer
I would like of better support for my smartphone...

- Samsung Galaxy W GT-I8150B
- Android 2.3.5
- Kernel
Novel Adventurer

First, I really like how fast Skype is now compared to the previous version. Everything works fine till now, nothing to complain. But as others said before, I liked the old IM interface with that speech bubbles and pictures much more. The new one has really no advantages. I strongly recommend to roll that back, because the new interface in fact is a step backwards.


At least you could let the user choose. But as this will bloat up the app, the best thing would be to return to the old interface.

Casual Adventurer

I really like the ICS based UI, and skype is a lot faster now. Some of the icons still need to be changed to fit the new theme. It's also using the correct profile for Bluetooth headsets, but it's still not using the Bluetooth mic. Maybe this is an Android issue? 

Novel Adventurer

The new update ruined Skype for my Stock Sprint Epic 4G running GB 2.3.6 EL30.  The video no longer works either way and the screen is stuck in the "calling" mode.  PRIOR TO THIS UPDATE EVERYTHING WAS WORKING JUST FINE.  Can I download and install the old version somewhere?  I have uninstalled and resintalled Skype.  I've rebooted.  Nothing works.  Please bring back the old Skype...

Novel Tourist

I'm on an HTC Sensation Z710e running Android 2.3.4 (my network hasn't rolled out ICS yet) from SK Telecom in South Korea. I'm running Skype


I am having trouble calling land lines. So far I've only attempted to call landlines over a Wifi connection (not over network nor have I tried calling fellow Skype users). I dial the number and hit the call button. the button greys out slightly but nothing happens. This did not happen in previous versions. Any advice would be helpful. Thank you.

Novel Tourist

Gosh. A lot of rude, demanding people here. Have missed quite a few updates so not sure when this bug was introduced.


Latest version ( using video call, the recipient sees a garbled video of me (lots of vertical pink bars, colours all messed up). Everything else works as expected. They receive audio fine, I can see them, I can see my own picture in PIP in the corner.


I can use an old version that I still had the apk of ( and video calls are fine.


Using an Ainol Novo 7 Advanced II. Stock ICS 4.0.3 (v1.0) firmware (the latest one). Hope this can be fixed. Brilliant app. Thanks guys.

Novel Tourist

HTC Vision, Android 2.3.4, Kernel 


The following annoying things happen:


  1. When dialing out on a call, audible Skype "dialing" sound plays over the top of telco ring sound. Lame.
  2. There is no way to disable audible sounds or sounds on notifications. Derp.
  3. Skype crashes when the browser accesses sites that are media intensive, or when the Wifi radio is using significant amounts of bandwidth. Fart.
  4. On occasion, Skype will tell me that I have the country code wrong, even though I have the exact string input [i.e. +1-234-567-8901]. Gak.
  5. Skype will occasionally tell me I have my password wrong on an auto sign-in on reboot of the phone. See item #2 for my feelings on this.
  6. I have seen no real marked improvement in program startup. In fact, I've seen some total non-startups after a reboot or startup. 


I use this program constantly. And well, those are my experiences so far.


Novel Tourist

I have installed it on my HTC EVO 3D, running the stock rom from HTC. This verison of Skype is very slow in starting up taking forever to display my contact list and randomly cuts off my video and voice calls. 


How do I downgrade to a previous version? This version does not work for me!