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Skype 2.7 for Android - Improved calling experience

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I have android 2.2.1 skype is installed but still can't sighin up... can any one tell me what is the reason atleast that i can make voice call.
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i can't download and install it on my nexus s - after it downloads, just keep getting "package file unavailable". i wish there's an option to download the APK fr Skype Support.

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Yep, improved my bluetooth from working, again.  Last version worked flawlessly with my headset, but after the update it refuses to use my headset's microphone.  Incoming audio still comes through the earpiece, but its using only my phone for a mic.  I am disappoint.  >:C


Phone: Samsung Sidekick 4G

Android: 2.2.1

Bluetooth:  Jawbone Icon (Thinker)

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Where can I find the version of Skype that people talk about on forums that actually allows the receiver of a call to see me and not a green screen using the Iconia A500?

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I don't experience the improvement because I can't receive incoming calls on my online numbers.  It says I AM NOT AVAILABLE.  How come it I am not available?  I am online but it says I am not available.  Anything I need to do?

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Hi, I have a new Samsung Galaxy S2 on Sprint and updated to this latest version without a hitch but, my girlfriend which has a Samsung Galaxy S on Tmobile is unable to sign in after a successful installation. She types in her credentials and pushes sign in and gets a pop up window from SKYPE saying SKYPE is not working do you want to sign in again or exit. What gives? Help.
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I tried make call on my andoird cell phone through Skype for Andoird, because I have unlimited web but limited talk time with my tmobile prepaid plan. But the calls dropped after a few secends. So I want to know how can I make normal calls on my cell phone through Skype? 



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Hi Skype Team,


Thanks a lot for giving us a medium through which we can stay in touch with everyone and anyone on this planet for free. I recently downloaded the latest version of Skype for Android, V2.7 on my Google Nexus S and found that it crashes very often which is very annoying as it can crash between an ongoing call. Although the UI, the call quality are better than the last version, though did not try video chat yet on this new version.


I would like you guys to mend this fault.


Thanks a lot once again!



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I have not received ny suggestions or comments from Skype. 

However I have seen that if I stop all Skype activity services in android with Android Assistant, attach headset with Bluetooth,and then starts Skype. It works fine. But I have to do that every time before a call. Not a good workaround and crappy programming from Skype 

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