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Skype 2.7 for Android - Improved calling experience

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Community Manager

We have released a new version of Skype for Android.

The main efforts on this release have gone to improving the calling experience and enabling video calling for the Samsung Epic 4G Touch.

Upgrade to the latest version of Skype for Android from the Android Market and share your feedback here. Please also don't forget to give us your rating on the Android Market so we and other users know if we did good.


Improvements and new features:

  • Calling interface updated
  • Improved quality
  • Enabled video calling for Samsung Epic 4G Touch

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Casual Tourist
My phone auto updated during the night, as a result I cannot sign in. when i click the button nothing happens. I use htc desire hd, android 2.3.5.
Casual Adventurer

The calling experience may have been improved for some, but still video calling on the Motorola Xoom causes the application to crash and have to be forcibly stopped.  This is the second update that hasn't worked, is there any news on a version that will work?


My Xoom is running latest version of Skype on Android 3.2.

Novel Tourist

same here video call on motorola Xoom still not working at all. When will it be done?


p.s. video call works on my Samsung Galaxy S2 though.

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Novel Adventurer

My contacts disappeared and I cannot call a single phone number using Skype! Great update! My calling experience is so improved I feel like crying!

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Casual Tourist

The new v2.7.0.907 for Android seems to disable the Caller ID setting that I had established years ago on my paid SkypeOut account. I can set it back to my verified cell phone number, by logging into my Skype account online, but I need to do this after every use of Skype for Android v2.7.0.907. I've temporarily switched back to the previous version (v2.6.0.95), which did not have this problem. I have both a regular cell phone, which is my main phone, and a Motorola Triumph smartphone, which I'm just trying out via WiFi at this time.

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Honorary Adventurer

1. Crashing  2. People can't hear me after about 50 seconds  3. Need to force close



Samsung galaxy young

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Community Manager
hraillard: Thanks for reporting. We could confirm this issue and will address it in a future update. Sorry for the inconvencience caused by this.

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After this update my number is also showing restricted even though I pay for a Skype phone number. Additionally this update has broken my ability to change the call volume. I'm running the Transformer Prime under android 4.0.3. This update has almost made skype unusable on the prime when paired with all the other issues skype has on the Prime.
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 I updated my android tonight and now I get calls and messages from people not on my friends list... will this be fixed soon? I have to be invisible to keep people away. .. thats not good as my friends can't see I'm on... Oh and my privacy setting is set for friends only for everything.

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