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Skype on Moto Xoom -Low Volume

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Motorola Xoom - Stock (no root)

Android 4.0 (ICS)



My older version of Skype worked great for Audio and/or Video calls.  I recently updated to and tried to make a call this evening.  The recieve audio is really low.  If I plug in ear buds it's a little better but still. 


The volume on the xoom is all the way up.  All my other sounds on the xoom are loud.  It's kind of a problem when on a call and an email comes in. 


I shut down, force closed Skype, cleared the cache and settings, and restarted.  Still the same result.  Same result when I call the test servers.


Anyone else had a problem like this with the new version?  Any ideas how to get around it?




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I've done some additional checking and searching.  I see that there are other threads on the forums dealing with this problem in prior releases.  All my prior releases worked fine until - but this may be the first update I've done since Android 4.0.


As stated I've forced stopped, cleared cache, cleared setting.  I've event done this, uninstalled, reinstalled, and tried again.  Same issue when calling anyone on my call list or the test servers.


I've verified that all my sound settings for playback on the Xoom are at 100%.  I uninstalled after clearing settings, went into the file system to find anything having to do with Skype (found nothing), reinstalled and tried again.  Same result.


Does anyone from Skype ever post in these forums that (a) this is or is not a known issue with the version and (b) it's expected to be fixed in future version something-or-other?



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We are having the same problem with ours... although the problem is with all video calling for us, including the google talk video calling as well.... all volume is turned up, not sure what to do!

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Good news. I just installed the update ( and it seems to fix it. At least the test service is at normal volume now. I haven't tried another contact yet.
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I have an HTC sensation running ice cream sandwich and the new Skype update has left me with barely audible sound. I can barely hear it ring when I'm waiting for a call to connect and once the call has connected I can hardly hear the person speaking. Has never been a problem before, I have uninstalled and reinstalled with no success and any settings options don't include a volume option...any thoughts?
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