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Sign in using Microsoft Account

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WLM is going to be discontinued, so I'm moving myself and my family to Skype. The desktop version allows you to sign in using your Microsoft Account.


How is this possible on the Android client which seems to not have this option?


Creating another set of account is not really an option. 




PS. I also notice you can't post on this forum unless you use a Skype (not Microsoft) account. You can't have login with MS in one place and not others!

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i also have this problem, i have already use the version 6.0 on PC and login with msn a/c, but i cannot do that on my android phone.


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I had the same problem after accounts merge Skype+Live.

Desktop was OK but iPad and Nexus both failed to sign.

Uninstall Skype on android, then install it again from google play.

Hit Open after installation has been completed.

Sign in using your Skype name.


Btw on Android you still see only Skype contacts, Live contacts are not displayed.


Hope this helps.

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I can not understand why you can not login with hotmail/live account, when you can in the Windows version.

I dont want to have to reinvite all my hotmail contacts, some of which are not coming up when scanned with the Skype contacts scanner anyway.

I have an Android tablet Asus TF700T, I see Windows tablets and Ipads but not Android tablets??

Another point is the video is in slow motion too, from my device but the received video is good, I have decreased the video to low quality and I am using wifi. Still the same.

I think I will uninstall this and get rid of my Skype account until this is cleared up, or until messenger is gone.

This needs to be addressed me thinks, if a true cross platform video chat forum is to capture/dominate the market.

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You say uninstall, re-install and sign in with your SKYPE account. The whole point about the post is that I want to be able to sign in with my Microsoft account as I can on the desktop version.

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You seriously need to dump the Skype name log-in option and replace everything with a Microsoft Account.


If integration and platform interoperability is the aim, then having a number of log-in options is not the way to go. I even have mixed feelings about the Facebook options aswell.


Skype seems to be the only one misbehaving, obviously all the other services like Skydrive, Outlook, xbox etc. etc. work seamlessly. Just get rid of the Skype name option.

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This is now getting critical as I can no longer contact my MSN/WLM contacts on my phone. The **bleep** Skype installer on Windows removed WLM too!!


If this is not resolved quickly I will have to resort to using Google's offerings.


Why is there no official responce and solution to this?


Or are these forums just a cost cutting way to get customers to solve thier own problems?

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I used Skype since it started many years ago, and I always used to login using Skype ID only.  Now microsoft is bullying me to sign into my hotmail account to get into my skype account.  I hate it very much.  Does anybody have any suggestions for me?  How can I stop microsoft bullying me to login to hotmail account, to use my skype?

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