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Samsung galaxy s3 skype issue

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Samsung is top seller in smart phones globally today and recently by passed i phone as well...and there top line is S3. But yet not supported with skype...!! Amazing how slow skype works!
I am a 4 years monthly paid customer on skype... and cannot wait for Google to step in there market to replace skype to another amazing company like how Google manages the services.
In this era of fast pasting the time that skype start supporting a gadget/s we allready purchased the next version of that phone...
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same here, it sign out automatically after seconds and stays on this sign in - sign out cycle.
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same problem here too.
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Same problem, no skype on my S3. Suggest that skype and Samsung get together and FIX THIS QUICK!


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Same Problem here with Skype and S3 on AT&T.

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well i have s3with t mobile when i ask a tmobile staff he said tmobile doesnt allow skype coz it costs them too much data...then i ask him r u gone mad is that skype eat too much data then youtube?well he said yes.i phoned 150 they said we actually allow skype coz u r in unlimited data plan they gave some settings to install and i did that and it works for a while but suddenly skype stopped working i phoned 150again they said contact to samsung....well i phoned samsung they said there side is also ok.i been to tmobile store again one of staff said to sign in skype u need to connected with a strong network like 3g or wifi.well i tried everything but nothing works.and finally i phoned 150 Again now they saying to me to contact skype.....
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My Skype didnt let me sign in
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My s3 works just fine after this update today.

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I just checked and my Skype also works fine on ATT Samsung S3 whereas before it didn't work. Thank you for fixing it.

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I can't sign-in to Skype in my galaxy 3. My galaxy2 and my pc are working fine with Skype. I need to call my service provider (T-mobile) so they can solve the problem.
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