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Samsung Note 3 front camera quality on video call

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Novel Tourist

i love skype on my samsung galaxy note 2 the sound and video quality is good,,,,but not on note 3...i only get black and white video quality and get a lot of dropped,please fix this issue...

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Novel Tourist

i have samsung Galaxy note 3 4G.....and my video call quality not video quality...plzzzzzzzzzzzz fix skype problum........why video quality not good..... i have 12mb internet connection.......plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz fixxxxx

Novel Tourist

I read the note 3 has a full hd front facing camera and trying it out over wifi with my friend next to me the video looked like a 10 year old low end webcam... seriously? are the skype android kitkat bla bla latest version of everything hiding some settings i dunno about?

Novel Tourist

Yes .. even i am very disapoointed with the note 3 skype front facing video.. i think some whitebalancing problem.. skype needs to fix it..


Routine Adventurer

I don't have the white balance problem but was stuggling to get the app to do decent video calls.  I just uninstalled/reinstalled it and now its able to do 720p.


Stupidly its all done in software though so I am only getting 10fps with 50% - 100% CPU usage, my phone is heating up like an oven and drinking battery like there is no tomorrow.  Seriously, these phones have 4K hardware encoding, why on earth is Skype not using the hardware properly?

Novel Tourist

i have the same problem, when i had my S3 the video quality of skype using the front camera was much much better than now on my Note 3 very dissapointed by Samsung and Skype

Novel Adventurer
Yeah I have also Samsung galaxy nnot3 4G but if I use Skype to make video call it is not clear block and Dark and can I fix it...I want to video call face to face...
Novel Adventurer
I'm disappointed for galaxy note3...All comments for the samsung galaxy note3 4G is we are same problems..Please the company of the android can explain why the Samsung galaxy note3 4G why it is not clear the Camera video...we need to fix and explanation thanks
Casual Tourist
I download skype on my samsung galaxy note3, and tried make a video call on skype its note working , only the voice call is working , please fix the problem .
Casual Tourist
vedio call on skype is not working
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