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Samsung Galaxy s3 video calls on skype

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Hi, I can see the caller on my S3 but he cannot see me on his IPhone. My error message says to turn on the camera, but pressing the icon does not turn on the front camera. Who can help. Thanks !

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It took me a while to realize this, but you need to have your phone camera on front-facing video mode to do video chats on skype, and for people to see you on skype.  This is pretty annoying as most of the time I assume people use the camera otherwise (rear-facing video, or actual camera).  I am not sure if you can change the video camera setting after logging into skype, but i know skype works when you first go to camera, click on video, click on front-facing, then go back and start up skype.  give it a try.  

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Skype has not yet addressed a NUMBER of problems their app has on the Galaxy SIII. Nor have they responded to the issues in the forums. There are some great competitor products out there though. Perhaps Skype isn't interested in business development. Too bad. It seemed like they had something going.
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I am open to alternatives but I need one that works between the S3 and apple devices.  Google+ hangouts work; do you have any recommended alternatives to skype?

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I'm not really familiar with iPhone ones. They seem to be pretty obscure with Apple products since FaceTime has the monopoly. On Android there are any number of options. Tango is great.

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Check out Google Talk.  Works like a champ on Samsung Galaxy S III.  Sorry Skype.  If you don't work the problem, you lose.



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On XDA you can take some ROM and Skype Works.


The skype works with video but with an offcial rom it doesn't work.


Some people ar some solution ?


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Bit confusing here Skype - There is no icon tro make a video call - only the option when you bring up a contact that is able to take video calls. Ok sort of makes sense!
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I do 2 test to the same account.


1 - With my official rom and official Skype.  No Video Call

2 - With and XDA rom and Xda Skype config. Video Call is enable.


The team Skype/Samsung can call XDA for the solution.




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On my Samsung Galaxy S3, it works all fine, just when I video call, the person that i see, is all different kinds of colours. same with when they see me on their screen. How do i fix that?

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