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Samsung Galaxy s3 video calls on skype

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still doesn't work, even after enabling video calling

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I did hard reset on my and is working right know
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Hi everyone, i am getting a quality issue on skype calls. on the same connection the video quality transmitted via Dell or my IPOD is thousand times superior to the quality of galaxy s3. other person sees pixel blocks when i am talking on the SGS3, and sees my crystal clear pic on Dell Laptop or IPOD. why is that so? Galaxy S3 certainly is capable of capturing better video even from secondary camera. 

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This problem is mislabeled as 'solved'. Redownloading, enabling video calls still does not work. Maybe it had to do with the message from Skype that this device is not certified.
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Yeah incompatible and not upto par... i just said even my ipod transmits 480p consistent video.... it feels so useless at hand.
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 "Maybe it had to do with the message from Skype that this device is not certified."


That is my theory since that message puzzled me from the start. Dont understand WHY the device is not supported. Would like an explanation for that. 



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I think I know what's going on, I had the same problem, and I corrected the problem, its work!!
So .... First, logout from Skype on your computer
Secondly .... open up your phone on the seating, and aplication manager, and Skype icon ... Clik Force stop and next Clear date
Start Skype again and log on.
Fix a problem

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Nope does not solve the problem, the video transmitted is still highly pixelated, as if talking on an old .3 MP camera, my laptop has a far far better (480p) quality and seemingly looks very good as DVD. but on my S3 it looks very odd..

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I Have the galaxy s3 on att&t and video calling is enabled in settings, and but no option to video call someone. Maybe it is too new a phone and a Skype update is needed?? Help!
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I had the same problem with my galaxy s2 and now with galaxy s3 have i again the same problem. Skype please help us with the video quality on galaxy s3
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