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Samsung Galaxy s plus (i9001) Camera Upside down

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I use Skype version 2.8 on my Samsung Galaxy s plus (i9001)

I have two problems:


1) When I video-chat on Skype, I see myself upside down.

2) When I turn the phone to horizontal, the other person see me upside down.


I'm I doing something wrong, or is there a software error ?


P.S. Skype works find when I use my PC or iPad.


Best regards



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I have the same problem. What Skype say about this? Seems a Samsung problem, also present in other TP Apps, but I've not see any issue on samsung's support site.
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I also have this problem with Skype on my Galaxy S Plus i9001. At least the video has the proper orientation on the distant end.

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Guys i have this problem too its the camera .... well the fron camera has something to do with the reflection of the front camera and it acting like a mirror its a samsung problem and i hate to say but it cant be fixed
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Well it might be partialy true. Not sure if it's me only but when I use Rotate picture in Skype, it doesn't rotate, it just switch camera to the back one. So I believe there is also something wrong with Skype implementation.
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Hi i coll videocoll by skype thanp pictuer up is down
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Ichave exactli the same problem and my Name is also Peter. lol
It is realy wired why skype isnt sloving that bug.
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Same prob here about inverted cameta image
realy cant fix
hrlp plzzzzzz
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I have already updated to skype and whenever the person I am video calling sees me upside down. I noticed this started happening when I updated skype. I have a samsung galaxy S plus.
I hope skype will fix this soon, since this is pretty anoying.
Thank you.

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I have also same problem upside camera down pls fix it im useing sumsang galaxy i9001 hope skype team slove this problem soon or elas we have to thru this phone on dustbin im hopeing skype team find the problem as soon as posible
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