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Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 Supports Skype Voice Calling????

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I have problem with skype voice call in my samsung galaxy y... the mic doen't work. If some one knows how to help I will appreciate.
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you have to use speaker mode or use head phones so it does not lock the screen!

and better do nothing else while talking  

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Same issues here with galaxy y. Skype does not send voice after a while. Seems to be connected phone movement. Please fix it!
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I have Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 & i want use skype but how can i get that software plz tell me?

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Android marketplace( Google Play) shows Skype voice and video calling supported for Samsung Galaxy Y: Android-2.3.6( Gingerbread). But actually it only supports voice calls. The reason is that Galaxy Y doesn't have front camera and 832MHz processor( comparatively low speed). But I must say voice call quality and experience is nice. I am sharing details about voice calls based on my Skype voice call experience with 2G data network. 

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Has anyone found a fix for this problem? It worked great for about a day, and now, nothing. It's a brand new phone and this is very very frustrating!!
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Hi, my best work around for the problem with galaxy y is to just deactivate the automatic rotation of the screen before starting skype calls. Just go to the top of the phone and drag your finger down - you open the menu and to the right you see the icon for the automatic rotation. After switching rotation off I was able to talk longer on skype without problem BR
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@nandu367---> i know it does but, they can can hear u from the other line? or not? coz, im having that problem...
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is it the galaxy Y has a problem on its setting or the shype?... any one can answer that?
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