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Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos B5512 video call issue

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Novel Adventurer

I've got the same issue of video absence on Galaxy Y duos

And I guess nobody from skype cares there are pretty many of us. It could be just a matter of being polite to say smthng like "we know, we are aware and will try to fix this blabla.."



Novel Tourist

hello i have something first open the contact you want to video call and then go to option and video call option is appear

emakrinos13 wrote:

i also got this phone, having in mind that it has front camera and skype availability since it is android gingerbread.  It is quite frustrating to have a mob with the hardware and not to be supported by such a good software as skype.

i hope you resolve it soon!


Casual Tourist

hy friend, does it mean you did solve the problem? 

does video call actually work?

and please if you can tell me, how's the battery life of the cell phone?


Novel Adventurer

Hi there,

I too have the same problem with the Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos... Cannot get the video calling facility with skype..

Please help if anyone can find the solution.

As per the specifications, the phone has everything, so why wont video calls work?

Novel Tourist

I have the same issue. It is not supporting Video call. Please help me if it is solved.

Novel Adventurer

Hello Everyone,

I got this reply but this does not work...






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 Re: Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos B5512 video call issue



monuvcherian (New Member)



20-05-2012 17:22



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Novel Adventurer

I also have this problem here with my Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos (GT-B5512).


Looks like Skype does not update the software to include our devide on the list of "supported devices".


Novel Tourist

Let them update software,use tango and vtok insteaad,both working in my B5512

Novel Adventurer
vtok and tango does not work fine as well. These app does not undestand the landscape position of the screen and show the image inverted (the camera image will always appear turned 90 degrees different from real)
Novel Adventurer

I am having the same problem on my Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos B5512. No video call option available, though front camera is there and minimum requirements are met.


Anyone been able to resolve this problem yet? 

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