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Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos B5512 video call issue

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Casual Tourist


I Bought Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos (B5512), with below specs.

Android 2.3.6

Front VGA camera for Video Call.

And downloaded the latest Skype Video calling software from android market.


Still I am not able to make video calls.

There is no option available for Video calls.


It only has Skype call option and by default it connects to Voice calls.


Please help...




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Novel Adventurer

Hi, I am also interested in this issue. Thinking about ditching my BB Bold and getting this instead. I've also heard this Skype issue from others. Hope it gets resolved.

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I am also having the probblem with samsung5512? Why dont skype changes in their version to include 5512? It is new product with android OS/  Dr K AND SARMA

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I also got Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos and i can make Video Calls


Please help...




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Just goto on ur broswer and the right version for our device will be shown for download.
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That is not the right solution

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Infact its not compatible with any android with gingerbread 2.3.6

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Casual Tourist

Same issue here.

The fact that it has a front camera and 2.3.6 android makes it a suitable device for video calling. I even tried it with other IM apps and it worked really fine.

So I hope to see this feature in skype soon as well.



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Hi I brought the new samsung B5512. I download the skype for android but video call option not working there is no video call option there is only voice option is there what to do.... I brougt this mobile for only to use skype video call but now totaly disappointed with this mobile please help me and clear this problem soon and please reply for this message
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i also got this phone, having in mind that it has front camera and skype availability since it is android gingerbread.  It is quite frustrating to have a mob with the hardware and not to be supported by such a good software as skype.

i hope you resolve it soon!

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