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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

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Is it possible to do Skype video calling on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1?  I've installed Skype on the device but do not see options for video calls

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I've got the same problem. I don't think Skype supports the 10.1 despite "Galaxy Tab" being listed as supported.


Come on, Skype, we've got Honeycomb 3.1 ... get our tablets enabled for video.

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I have the same problem: bought recently Samsung Tablet 10.1 and can't get SKYPE  video

Is anyone knows how to find out when skype will support it.


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Ditto here.  And it was one of the main reasons I bought the tablet.  Very disppointing...


Hopefully it won't be too long before this is addresssed!

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Also purchased Galaxy Tab 10.1 and turned out there are video calls in Skype ( What a frustration
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meeee tooooo!! i'm dying nowwww im dyinggg skype team please make this works or i'll do the suicideee
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I have the same problem. Please fix Skype...

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Community Manager
See the FAQ entry on tablets here:

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Many thanks for your reply Skype person, hopefully it will not be too long before support is added.


I am glad you are aware of the demand.


Skype with video for Tegra 2 was demonstrated some months ago...


It would be awesome if you could give us some timeframe for support for android tablets.


Many thanks for your reply

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I have the Samsung tab 10.1 V and despite the claims that video calling is available for the tab, it is not. I have to download Skype through Android market and have contacted Samsung and Android and no-one knows anything. So video vcalling available for Galaxy Tab 10.1, as Skype claims, is simply untrue. Not good!!!

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