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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

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It's strange. Video calling seems to work with some people and not others. It works with afew friends who have iPads but not another. I wonder if it's a bandwidth problem or operator error of picking up voice calls instead of the video call button.
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the problem is android on the Samsung 10.1 Tablet to a mac PC. Android to windows works fine.

When can we expect a fix for this ?

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yes of course we did


I can't believe Skype develop is not aware of this problem. The problems were reported as early as mid 2011. The problem is clearly when you try to do a Skype Video call from a Samsung 10.1 tablet to someone on a Mac PC.

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the original version out ofthe box worked fine, somedays i hate updates. try an earlier version

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when you are using skype video chat and you multitask to another app can the other person video chatting to you still hear and see you ? and will you be able to see them 

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I have the same problem on Galaxy Tab 7" P1000. Correct it plz.

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Can't see Skype on-line contacts on Samsung Galaxy. Can somebody, please, help me with this problem.

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was this problem ever fixed?

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Have you tried this way?

In Skype, up right corner menu, settings or configuration (don't know, mine is in spanish), then check enable video calls.




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I just downloaded Skype two days ago on my Samsung Tab and so far it is hit and miss. It worked a couple of times yesterday but other times nothing as per video. Audio is fine.
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