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Samsung Galaxy S3 - iPhone 4S

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I just purchased a Samsung Galaxy S3, my husband has an iPhone 4S. When trying to make a video call connection, I could see him, but he could not see me. I could not unselect my icon for "no camera" on the Galaxy, no matter how hard I tried.


Then we tried a connection from an iTouch to the iPhone 4S. The result was the same. He could not see me. The iTouch was working correctly as I could see and hear him AND my camera image was present in the bottom corner.


Lastly, we tried a connection from a laptop to the iPhone 4S. Still the same result. He could not see me even though the camera was working fine on the laptop.


Is there a video problem with BOTH iPhone 4S AND Samsung Galaxy S3????


Skype: please respond

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Having similar issues with the iPhone 4 and the Galaxy S3. My outcome is different though...

When ever we do a Skype Video call, over wi-fi, the other person's image comes up purple and chops in and out on my screen, while I come up green and do the same thing. Regardless of how many times we uninstall, reinstall, call, hang up, it keeps occurring. The voice quality is fine, it's just the video that keeps having problems.

Possible problem with both does seem likely, even though it says Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 4 are supported.

Also, Galaxy S3 Model is "U.S. Cellular Samsung SCH-R530U"
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Same prob I then skyped from P.C to Samsung S3 that worked then went back to I phone4S to S3 and that works . Go figure
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skype doesn't care! Use Tango, MUCH better customer support!
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