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Samsung Galaxy S 3

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When will you have an update for the Galaxy S 3?
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you have the international or the us galaxy s3??
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I just bought Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 - US version. Any idea when we will have Skype? I had it on my old phone. It's unfair not to have it on a better phone.

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I have the same problem.... Anything new yet I really need skype???


I'm carrting 2 phones now...



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I am experiencing a similar issue using Skype Video Chat on my Samsung Galaxy S III (fr. Verizon). Until Skype resolves the issue, I am using Tango. Which works Fine! 

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I have the Samsung for Verizon, and Skype keeps dropping normal voice calls.  When will you have this resolved?  The same calls from my mac, which sits next to the phone, work without any probelms.

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I called Samsung Technical support. They told me to uninstall it, then take out the battery and install skype back. It works but sometimes for just a few days and I have to do it  over and over again. I am also not happy with the camera on the rare occasions I can have a normal skype chat.

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The US Galaxy III

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I also have the Skype problem with my Verizon Wireless Galaxy S3. The Galaxy S3 has now been out long enough for these issues to have been taken care of.  works fine on my NEW Iphone 5! What's up Skype? 

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