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Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 Stock Android 2.3.6. - Skype v2.6.0.95

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The first time I tried to use Skype (video call using my mobile carrier) I could see the other person but the speaker was off and the speaker button was inactive (could not turn it on).  Rear camera was working, the button to switch front and back camera was inactive. 


The next time I was calling (video call using WiFi at home), my front camera was working while ringing, but when the other person answered, my video turned off, the button for the video went inactive, this time the speaker was working, the speaker button was active.  I also could not see the other person, he had no option to turn on his video.  It was working like a voice call.   (The problem had to do with me, not him, when I called him from my PC everything on his end worked).


Skype has not once worked properly in my Android.


In my settings, video calling is enabled and anyone is allowed to call and see my video.



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Ppp help
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Skype on the Samsung note is a shoddy pathetic excuse for an app, unuseable! Have tried many times and I know its not signal issues as my work arround is to teather the note to my laptop and use that. The reason I got the note was to Skype to my family I am so angry I can not begin to tell you. Symptoms include no video at either or end, can sort of be rectified by randomly turning things on and off but even when one manages to get both pictures up the quality is so poor its not worth it!
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Hey guys,
I am not sure why there is no support from skype developers but let me do their job instead of them because I know how it feels to be frustrated. First, I was racking my head trying to find how to do it on the phone but then it turned out to be that skype is having issues with newer and older skype versions on your computers! I started testing one computer version after another by installing and uninstalling them on my computer and finally found the one that had video calls working when dialed to / from my galaxy note. Hope it will save somebody some head ache.
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Thank you for trying hard to deal with compatibilty issues with the variety of mobiles out there. I hv successfully downloaded Android v 4.0 which has made some improvements elsewhere. However, I have equivalent concerns to others here. a) if my screen is locked, I can't pick up any incoming Skype calls, altho ordinary cellnet calls to the phone can always be picked up in this way. I have first to unlock the screen and then navigate to the Skype app. b) I can't send IMs from the Skype app on the phone - this includes "Emocions". c) I can't playback voice-mail messages  left on Skype  d) I can't invite new contacts by using the method used in "standard" PC Skype. e) although the phone stays in a WiFi zone, after a while it will drop out and appear to me to be offline or not running, whilst still appearing to others as online.


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