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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Skype video problem

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I am having some problems with my skype on my galaxy note 2. Firstly, whenever I connect at first, the video is usually really smooth. But if I happen to open another app while video calling on skype, the user that I am talking to will see laggy videos.


Next, when the above mentioned happen, if I try to disconnect and call again, I am only able to see myself in the video and the friend I am talking to becomes a black screen. This happens to the user I am talking to as well. The only way which I had managed to solve this problem is by restarting my phone.


Is there anyway to resolve this issue??

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I have also the same problem and also other problems such as program freezing and automatic closing

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I have problems with audio on skype: it is quite impossible to understand words, they are fragmented and I can hear about 1 word every 10 (the other 9 are losses).


My Slype version is


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My video chat loads for the person I'm calling, but it won't load on my end despite settings all check. Same problem I've got Oovoo. But when I do video chat via GTalk it works fine. Gahd.
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Cant get skype to work at all
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Facing exact same problems.
Words are fragmented.
My older note1 had no problem at all.
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Sound is fine for me well for now  but  the video is  all jacked up  i make the computer view bigger and the video  splits and it look like a 2/3 or 4 videos on top of each other i dont know if this is my phone  or the computer 

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I use Lg motion, after i upgrade the android version into android 4.0.4, skype not working,...voice and video call only for a few second...and its ended by itself. Anyone please help me how to fix it. Thanks.
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I cant make a video call
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Had to uninstall from my Galaxy note 2, not only did it not work but it attacked my face book and I had to reset it up. The screen just goes black. 

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