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Hi there,


I read your about your issue. I tried Skype on my Samsung Galaxy Tab and on my Galaxy S III phone and I have the same problem. I can see the person I'm speaking with but they cannot see me. Then I get an error message stating that the person your speaking to cannot see you...touch camera icon to turn video on. I do that and he still can't see me. I read an earlier post about going into settings and clicking enable video but I cannot find it. Where is settings?? And where is the "Enable Video" option???? I think this is rediculous!! I shouldn't be having this issue with this new phone. So my question to you is have you fixed ur problem since your post? Or is there another free video chat app that you can recommend?  

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My problem was fixed by adding whoever I was trying to call as a contact - rather than just calling them.

Really random but if you add them as a contact and they accept (or the other way around) the video should work - video was blocked for me until I did so.
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I have same problem .I can see video of both .. own & other person ..
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Still not fixed. Ive been using Tango to video chat which works great!
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I have Galaxy s 3, my skype video is working from my phone, but when I use skype from my laptop it stop working and the person cant see my vadio....please help me how I can fix my laptop csmera
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I mean camera sorry
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Make sure that whoever is on the computer also has an updated version. That's what we had to do to get it to where I could see her (on mobile) on my computer. Before it was the same issue. Hope this helps!
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I just finished a support chat with Skype and this was the exact answer.


I've been wanting to video chat with my dad so that he can see his granddaughter on a weekly basis. I never tried it from my desktop computer because it's impossible to get a baby to sit in front of a computer without fussing, but I recently got a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0, so I'd be able to follow my daughter around while we video chatted. We finally tried it for the first time today and we could see them but they couldn't see us. Frustrating.


I tried everything I could think of and started a support chat when I ran out of thoughts. I found this thread while I was chatting and came across your answer here. I remembered my dad saying they hadn't used their Skype app in a couple of years and I knew, right away, that this must be the answer. I tried calling another friend (who's more tech savy than my dad - not hard to do, haha) and it worked, no problem. 


So thanks for posting your solution here. I figured it was worth responding in case that helps this thread show up better. It took me quite awhile to find it. In fact, I couldn't find it at all when searching directly through Skype's online support. I literally copied and pasted the same search that found zero results here into google search and it came right up. Weird.


Hey, Skype people, you need to significantly improve your support search engine!!! 


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am using samsung galaxy s III GTI8190 but cannot do video calls
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am using samsung galaxy s III GTI8190 but cannot do video call both on skype and other calls
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