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the worse thing is that this only happen to some contacts in diferent countries and I don't know why,..
and is no one on skype to email or to resolve that,..
just that bull shee topics,..
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I don't have option enable video calls in mu settings. I have zte atlas w  android os 2.3.5   i have front camera but I CAN'T MAKE VIDEO CALLS!!!!!!

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I have T-Mobile and Skype video does work with Galaxy s3. However, I found out that you must be Skyping to another Skype account ... not just to their mobile number. Doing that only gives you a Voice call option. When going through your contact list, be sure you are selecting a Skype account contact (and they need to be on-line (if it is their computer) or have the app running if it is their mobile phone.


Hope this helps. Love my Galaxy s3/Jellybean!

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Yes,  I also have the same issue.  I am using a Galaxy Note2 and my daughter is using an iphone5.  I can see her but she can not see me.  I also get a note saying other user is not able to see me, enable video however I have video enabled in both settings.  I have also tried toggling the settings to no avail.  I guess we can try tengo.

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Guys, in general, if you're having the SAME problem as the poster, PLEASE don't reply. The original poster could not possibly care less to hear that you ahve the same problem, this isn't a support group. The original poster just wants someone who can help him/her. 

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I have an S3 as well and I think I have found the issue.


It appears that only users who have added you as a contact can see your video when you're using a galaxy S3.


Make sure the other person has accepted a contact request/add and you are on thier contacts list - in all of my testing making sure contacts were added for users on both ends resolved all video problems.


Hope this helps!



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I have the galaxy s3 and I dont even see the video icon. My video call is enabled and ive reinstalled the app twice.. any ideas?
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I had the same issue on my s3. The person you are trying to skype has to add you to their contacts.
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Hi everyone!


i got S3 I9300 international white marble and i saw what all of you wrote here about video call on skype 

i tried to call a friend of me on skype but didn't work i tried to call few times and itself stoped immediately

so i entered here at this community to see if it has any slolution and i did go to microsoft skype direct page and downloaded skype for android from microsoft than i tried to sign in but didn;t work :EXIT OR SIGN IN AGAIN" said and i've gone to apps manage uninstalled skype updates that i downloaded from microsoft and i get skype from 1Market free apps of android and i downloaded skype not with new updates of microsoft only skype version and i signed in and there was video call button i did the video call with my sister from my S3 to her at PC and it worked perfectly good video quality and good signal voice 

i suggest you to uninstall the skype that you downloaded from playstore if it doesn;t works try to get skype version only without updates of microsoft and it will work for sure

Regards : Aidvzn 

Country : Kosovo 

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I was trying to video call with my partner and he had the same problem where there wasn't a video icon. All he did was sync his phone with another email and everything ended up working out. I don't know if it was just a glitch, but that solved our problem. I hope this helps you!

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