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Ringer volume

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Novel Adventurer

Why can't the ringer volume be higher? I miss more than 75% of my calls because I can't hear the ring.

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Casual Adventurer

What is ur device? can u try some volume managers, e.g DSP sound routers or else, does the normal ring more loud or the problem is only with skype? I think ur DAC is not Full-open (on some chiniese devs this is regular issue)

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Casual Adventurer

Thanks for the tip for the iPad!  I am on a Macbook Pro and I have the same issue but don't see where I can change the volume.  My computer volume is high but I still don't hear the Skype ring.  Speakers and call quality are perfect, just no ring volume.

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I just found it!  Sorry for the inconvenience.  It was in preferences, notifications.

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