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Request Samsung Stratosphere certified for Skype/Supported for next Skype for Android

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I am requesting that the Samsung Stratosphere is certified for Skype/Supported for next Skype for Android as per the following chat with a Skype Customer Service Rep.: 04:52:23 PM ruzvim says, Initial Question/Comment: Mobile devices (Pocket PCs, Skype phones, etc.)

04:52:23 PM System says, Thank you for contacting Skype Customer Support!

04:52:28 PM System says, Raymond A. has joined this session!

04:52:28 PM System says, Connected with Raymond A.

04:52:28 PM System says, Thank you for contacting Skype Customer Support!

04:52:38 PM ruzvim says, Hi Raymond A.

04:52:43 PM Raymond A. says, Hello! Welcome to Skype Live Support! My name is Raymond. How may I help you?

04:53:01 PM ruzvim says, I am contacting you to resolve a bug with Skype on my Verizon Wireless Samsung Stratosphere 4G LTE. When I make or receive calls via the Skype for Android application version approximately 30 minutes into the call the call drops. This is independent of geographic location of the other party (ex. Canada, Egypt, Albany, NY), time of day, and day. This happens consistently. As well, I do not have other applications running when this problem occurs. This problem does not occur with standard voice calling, streaming videos, or using other applications. I have already gone through all the troubleshooting techniques from VerizonWireless tech support. Hence, this seems correlated to the application and phone combination, instead of some other external factor(s). Phone details:

Hardware version I405.05

Model number SCH-I405

Firmware version 2.3.5

Baseband Version: I405.05 V.EI2 SCH-I405.Ei2

Kernel version

Build number SCH-I405.EI2

04:54:58 PM Raymond A. says, I am sorry to hear that. Can I have the Skype Name of the account please?

04:55:02 PM ruzvim says, RuzVim

04:55:08 PM Raymond A. says, Thank you.

04:55:18 PM Raymond A. says, May I put you on hold for two to three minutes while I check our records?

04:55:22 PM ruzvim says, Sure

04:58:08 PM Raymond A. says, Thank you for waiting.

04:58:23 PM Raymond A. says, Have you tried to uninstall/reinstall Skype application on your device?

04:59:50 PM ruzvim says, Yes.

05:02:44 PM Raymond A. says, Unfortunately, the phone (Samsung Stratosphere) has not been tested on Skype. The device is not listed on the supported device on our website:

05:03:14 PM Raymond A. says, Although you have successfully installed Skype on the device, there is no guarantee that it will work properly.

05:03:55 PM Raymond A. says, There are thousands of Android devices in the market that we cannot possibly test all of them.

05:04:29 PM Raymond A. says, We add new supported devices on each new release. For updates, please visit the Skype for Android blogsite.

05:04:35 PM ruzvim says, Ok. What is the process to get it tested on Skype, so that it is supported?

05:05:34 PM Raymond A. says, The manufacturer will coordinate with our development team as to testing the device. It has to be certified by Skype.

05:05:56 PM ruzvim says, Ok. How would I engage that process? 05:06:49 PM Raymond A. says, You can visit our developer site: or

05:07:05 PM Raymond A. says, I will forward this issue to our development team as well. 05:07:38 PM ruzvim says, Raymond A. says, I will forward this issue to our development team as well. -> Thank you.

05:07:47 PM Raymond A. says, You are welcome.

05:07:54 PM ruzvim says, You can visit our developer site: or -> Regarding this, what specifically would I do to engage the process?

05:08:54 PM Raymond A. says, You can start by requesting that the specific model be supported on the next release of Skype for Android.

05:09:25 PM ruzvim says, Ok. seems like a borked link as I don't see where I am to input comments to suggest just that.

05:10:24 PM ruzvim says, at least gives me a "leave a comment" so it seems I should use this as my start point

05:10:54 PM Raymond A. says, Yes.

05:11:12 PM ruzvim says, Now is the leave a comment in order to respond to the post or to start a new topic?

05:11:21 PM ruzvim says, It seems to respond to the post.

05:12:40 PM Raymond A. says, Hold on please.

05:12:42 PM ruzvim says, Ok.

05:15:29 PM Raymond A. says, You may leave a comment instead on Skype community:

05:15:39 PM Raymond A. says, Use your Skype Name and password to sign in.

05:16:27 PM ruzvim says, Ok, where specifically should I leave a comment?

05:17:01 PM ruzvim says, ? 05:19:24 PM Raymond A. says, Yes. Go to the board you want to post on, and click the New Message link near the top of the message list. On the Post Message page, you will see a Subject area and a Body area Session ID: 979371

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This could be a temporary problem or your phone may not be provisioned for data services if it continues call customer care


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yhyhescool, your post has nothing to do with this thread. Please start a new one instead of posting here.

The root problem of this thread is that both Verizon Wireless and Skype will not support problems in Skype using a Samsung Stratosphere, because the device is not on Skype's supported devices list.

The problem originally reported about still reproducible in Skype
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