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Report Spam

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Novel Tourist

There does not appear to be any way to report spam either in the Android Skype app, or on this website. In fact, the designers of the Skype website seem to have strategically removed any and all ways of contacting them in any way whatsoever. Given no other choice, I will report it here. Before someone points it out, yes I am aware that I can block the sender of this. That is not the point. This is nowhere near acceptable and I should be able to report the offending account to Skype and have it stopped.

I received two Skype calls on my phone, both at 10pm, a few minutes apart. They both contained the same robotic voice message. The message was from an account with Skype name hbj.system, full name "SYSTEM NOTICE™ ONLINE MAINTENANCE," clearly pretending to be an official notice from Skype. It said, "This is an official alert. Your computer is not protected. To protect your computer, go immediately to the website, www.[Redacted].com." Why is there no official way to report this?

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Novel Tourist
Just got on my grandmothers computer, she's gotten over 50 of these on and off over the last 2 months. Suprised you can't report a user like this.
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Community Manager
Of course you can report users like this on Skype for Windows already. See here for detailed instructions:

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