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Removing Skype from android phone

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Novel Tourist

I installed skype to my mobile whilst I was expecting a call from my friend who was in Australia for a while. In order to save space on my phone I have now uninstalled the app (as good as it is, my contract means I have no need for internet calling).


My problem is that now, every time I make a phone call, I get a prompt to ask whether I want to make a mobile call or an internet call. I know this is a little thing but I do a lot of driving and my handsfree dialing is now pointless as I even if I voice dial the number this message pops-up and forces me to take my eyes from the road to select these tiny little radio buttons to select Mobile call. This has only occurred since I uninstalled Skype, I have tried re-installing Skype and then unticking everything in the settings list and the message still appears after uninstalling skype. Help!

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Novel Tourist
Having that POP UP menu choice every time you dial is awful! i am going nuts with this problem. In California it is illegal to talk on cell while driving, so handsfree is essential. My cell Bluetooth connection to the car not auto-synch HELP! Sad to say but i may just have to uninstall SKYPE MOBILE until this problem gets fixed.
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