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Quit Skype on Android

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In addition to Videochat on my Galaxy tab 10.1 the other simple feature I'd love to see implemented - a Quit option.  you know to turn off Skype when it's not needed.  Sorry, I just don't neeed the program eating up memory and battery when I'm not using it.  Now I have to go into settings and quit Skype from under the running applications.



Mark Santora


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One of the things they broke going from 1 to 2. Thank you for adding your vote to this forgotten feature.
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The worst is that it just keeps on restarting, even after shutting down the service and killing the process - even without being logged in.

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I have the same problem with the addition that I have written to SKYPE tech support and they just ignored me by saying "this is how it is" and that is it.  Good support!

The problem is not only that you cannot quit easily, the only way to do it is to go and stop the application in the application manager (HTC Sensation) but that it will restart itself again!!!.

The "stop skype" application does not do the trick either

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You can’t be serious! This is not fixed in 2.1

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Hi Mark, How did you install Skype onan Andriod Tablet? Did it come pre installed! If notcould you help out as I am not able to do it. Thanks. Sanjiv
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This is really anoying.

You can go to the app's main screen (where you have the 4 icons), open the menu and select "logout".

It quits the app, or at least makes the notification icon go away, though it seems to leave some service running.

The problem with this method is that next time you want to start Skype, you have to input your password once again.


There is an option in the preferences to turn Skype off after X minutes, but it's a mistery as to how it works, and in any case, sometimes I want to have Skype always on, and sometimes I just want to make a quick call and shut it down.


Why doesn't Skype:

1. respect the fact that some users don't want to run the app on their phones 24x7?

2. at least remember the password so I don't have to type it in all the time?


A simple "Quit" button in the menu would suffice.

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Profile -> Menu Button -> Sign Off

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Yep, it worked. Thanks!
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Welcome to mirrific world of Micro$oft ... Why should i retype my email on registration for this forum if i already login in my skype account?another good service destroyed by this guys.. Thank you keep it up
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