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Question about: disable individual chat notifications

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you are confusing mobile with desktop


people are asking for this feature to be available in mobile version


this is the single most annoying issue with skype on mobile, and why i have stopped using skype on mobile.


we have either people leaving group chats, since they get spammed on mobile or people stop using skype mobile because they want to stay on group chats


this is the single biggest issue why people went over to and other mobile IM clients, and it's from my understanding not comprehensible why skype has not implemented the same functionality as with the desktop client into the mobile versions.


i don't want to get 500 chat popups every time i turn on skype on my mobile phone because it's syncing group chats. also i don't want every single chat message to be pushed to the notifications


it simply seems as if skype puts no value into the mobile version


Hey this a major issue wake up

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How to disable all mobile notifications if we cant disable per-group notifications?

I cant even find how to do that in the app. 

Like others already posted ad nauseum, I am having all the same complaints as the rest. 

I am a member of various grops and on my desktop my notifications are set to only alert me about activity that mentions certain keywords. I can't use skype on my mobile device (iPhone) without this feature; I get blown out of the universe when turning the app on, and if I leave it on, without this functionality.

Things in the Skype labs must be really boring if the developers there aren't even involved in enough group chats to be experiencing the same problems. Must be that group collaboration isnt encouraged there.. 

It baffles me how this can persist for so long and not get resolved. 


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+! for adding more granular notification settings on the mobile platforms. I *need* to receive notifications from some people, but the constant stream of posts in some online groups is a ridiculous intrusion on my iphone.


It's totally shocking how long ago this thread started, and it still isn't fixed. :-(

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I also need this badly! It's an essential feature for anyone part of a group chat with lots of people.


My work around for this is to open the skype account I use on my mobile on my PC. Then I go to the menu bar to Conversation then Notification Setting.


Not sure why but it doesn't stop the notification on all groups but it does work for some.  But I agree Skype needs to be much better on a mobile device.


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That suggestion only works on the PC. This thread is about disabling notifications by group on mobile, which can not be done from the device or from a computer.

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Plz add this

Novel Adventurer

I really need this functionality!

Please do ASAP!

Or suggest some temporary solution!

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Hey guys!
I just found solution!

Type /alertsoff in chat

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