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Please implement the skype URI scheme for Android

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I recently created a website targeted at a mobile audience, featuring "Call Me" Skype buttons. Unfortunately the Skype for Android app does not register its URI scheme, causing the Android Browser to say 'Webpage not available' after clicking on a "skype:username?call" link. Please consider integrating it, afaik this is already done in iOS. Here's how easy it is:
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Thanks for the heads up. I've forwarded your request to the Skype for Android developers.

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Hi Claudius - was there any progress in releasing Skype URI scheme for Android?
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No news about this basic lost feature???!!!
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I would like to request that the Skype Android client implement instant messaging URI receivers for the "im" and "imto" schemes. The default Android dialer application attempts to use instant messaging URIs to start chats with supporting applications. For example, the Skype URI it uses is "imto://skype/[username]". Others include "imto://gtalk/[email]", "imto://aim/[username]", etc. Replace the values in brackets [] with the corresponding username or email address of course. As it is now, when a user clicks the chat action for Skype on the default dialer, nothing happens at all (not event a toast message letting the user know that nothing is happening, how disappointing). See below for supporting links and information.

Starting at line 187, the default Android contact application attempting to invoke a chat.

The Wikipedia entry for Uniform Resource Identifier (URI).

The Wikipedia entry for URI Schemes, the official instant messaging scheme is "im" however Android uses "imto" (hence my request for both "im" and "imto" receivers).

The <application><receiver><

intent-filter><data> element of the Android manifest file, note the scheme attribute.
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skype implement simple feature in 1-2 years, so - wait...
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Is there any progress on this?
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This is totally ridiculous.


Look at this page from your own documentation:


"Skype URIs are the preferred mechanism for integrating with the Skype client, and are supported on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows (8, 7, Vista, XP), and Mac OS X."


Not only does the page not state explicitly that Skype URIs do not work in the Android browser. but actually states that the Android platform is supported!


What's more, even if you were clever enough to deduce that this was a reference to native apps, and you decided to look at the web page tutorial, you'd see this:


Again, no mention whatsoever of the absence of Android support. The only reference to the Android browser states that the browser does not recognise if you do not have the Skype client installed.


Don't you think that the fact the Skype URIs do not work at all in the Android browser (which only accounts for about 50% of all mobile browsers) might be pertinent information?


The mind boggles.

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