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Please fix the battery drain for the Skype client

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When will you fix the battery drain of Skype application for android? It consumes 10-15% per hour while the device is in standby mode (galaxy s 2). The alternative clients (imo, im+ for chat) or similar services like CSipSimple (voice) or gmail, exchange client takes nothing or < 2%.

If the mobile phone cannot survice 7 hours on battery, just because of Skype, what is that application good for?

I cannot use imo for skype chat any more because Your company obstructed or blocked the services for them.

And I cannot use im+ because it's not reliable in messages delivery when in push mode (however, the gmail or other services are).

Please, be so kind as to check other public forums on the web, You will many other people complaining about that.

If you cannot fix it do not obstruct the projects like which can do excellent job in this.

If I could I would stop using Skype on android, but the others use it on desktop.

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Novel Tourist

I've been using Skype on my LG G2 and I found found that this app is likely the worst offender on my phone for battery drain (100+apps)


The constant wakelocks prevent the phone from going to sleep is detriental to battery life. The app itself keeps my phone held awake for hours and hours. 


Searching online, it seems that this has been an on-going issue, I've seen posts dating back to over a year. Why has this not been fixed yet? Please fix it!



Casual Tourist

Have the same problem on samsung s4 mini. Skype used to show an icon in the left upper corner and I needed to log out to save battery. After the last update no icon and the log out is unsuccesful - the skype process in the background still drains battery. Only restart helps. If I want to use skype, I need to restart the phone after each use. Will be uninstalled - I am buying a fixed skype phone.

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This is an issue that should have been address long ago. 


If I was the conspiracy type I would think the skype program team were keen to solve this but got order by Microsoft to not do it. In reality android is probably the last priority for microsoft and its subsidaries at this point so they just have many more issues to work through dealing with windows 8 failures on phone, tablet and pc. 


If this ever does become a priority the attached screen shot from betterbatterystats on my S4 should hep direct the attention.
(edit details: Sammy S4 i9505KAXSA, Telstra running Stock 4.2.2, skype version, It can be noted from the process report that I am gettign both event wake locks and proximity sensor persistent wake lock.  these occur after using skype for a call or even missing a call, only way not to have these processes show up it to reboot phone and not open skype) 

I have solved the battery drain (its better than whatsapp but worse than hangouts) issues on my rooted S2 by using an old modified skype apk and limiting when the processes can run. It means that its the last of my devices to receive a call (eg my pc, tablet and S4 ring first) but it's battery goes strong!

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You can enable notification icon in Skype options

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I have now uninstalled Skype from my HTC One X - it was consuming the majority of power and created real inconvenience. Could someone at Skype suggest what can be done about this?

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Skype with the latest version as of 3/16/2014 still has this battery draining bug. My Nexus 7 with Android 4.3 loses about 5-10% per hour even in sleep airplane mode. I uninstalled Skype and no more battery drain!

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