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PROBLEMS with version 2.0 on Android, HTC 4G

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Novel Adventurer

Seems the new upgrade to 2.0 has caused several issues.

1. in an earlier post - all incoming text messages show up as coming from yourself. Support has not offered a solution.


2. Incoming Skype/Skype - the incoming call does not Ring. Thus far the only way to have the HTC 4G ring on incoming calls is to  have a computer on with Skype running.


3. Skype continually searching for a network to connect to... this is very strange. The Skype icon in the task bar at the top of the phone is continually attempting to search the Internet or WIFI to connect.


Any assistance would be helpful.  My fear is that the release o 2.0 is not fully functional and should have remained in BETA.


Skype Support has not offered a Roll Back to an older version.

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Novel Tourist
Hi there. I have a TB Verizon phone and can say I have similar issues. Since I upgraded to v2 on Skype I have connectivity problems. I thought that maybe the Android firmware update was the problem but all my other aps are running fine at least as far as I can see. I called Verizon for help and surprise surprise they told me that this is a third party product which they don't support. I asked them about their business relationship but still no help. I believe that something is not right at Skype end bit o am afraid of asking for help as I will get the answer from them. blaming Android or HTC for that problem
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