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Old Android FAQ

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1) Audio quality degrades when holding headset close to ear

Several solutions: 

  1. Leave the call screen, we ONLY enable the proximity sensor on the call screen.
  2. Use 3G for audio calling (this issue only applies to Wifi)
  3. Plug in a headset
  4. Upgrade to Android 2.3 or later

2) "Insufficient available space" during installation

This is actually a bug in Android itself due to not all files being removed after uninstalling. Try restarting your device, e.g. switch off and on again. Afterwards retry installation from Android Market.

If that did not help try resetting your device to factory settings.


3) When will the next update be released? 

It's Skype policy not to announce any release dates in advance. Updates will be released "when it's done", e.g. as soon as they have finished development and passed quality assurance.


4) Is it true I can enable videocalling even if my device isn't certified? 

Yes, while you can enable Skype video calling on most Android phones, it is possible that the video quality may not be as good on non-certified phones. More information in our support FAQ


On Android Tablets with Android 3.x Honeycomb this looks a bit different as they are missing the hardware menu buttons. See this image for a screenshot of the menu on a honeycomb tablet:


On the bottom left corner of the screen, you can see the standard Android Honeycomb controls: Back, Home, Switch app, and Menu. In the following screenshot, the user has pressed the menu key, and hence you see the overlaid menu at the bottom-centre of the screen.

Tapping Settings brings up the settings menu for Skype, and if you scroll down, you get to the video settings, where you can enable video calling.


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Casual Adventurer
So the manufacturer says it could work... hmmm. Mabey Skype is lying to us. I intrust that such a great company could figure something out to fix this problem.
Community Manager Emeritus
I don't know which Skype the people of Samsung are referring to. Maybe their customer support mixed up the first Galaxy tab (which supports videocalling) and the later models (which are not supported yet). As of version you can't do videocalling with Skype on the Galaxy Tab 10.1

We are not working on fixing it "somehow". We would like to make it right and working with good Skype quality on a broad range of devices. There's no lying involved there. We simply don't have a version yet that meets those standards for a public release.

Found a helpful message? Give it a Kudo below to say "thanks"
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Novel Adventurer
Ehi people. I have a galaxy tab 10.1 too. It's impossible that we can't run video skype. We are very very sad. A wonderful tablet like this, without video skype...
Casual Tourist
Understood - being held to a date and something unexpected coming up does wonders for PR.

You said "Public Release". I sure would be happy to participate in a beta or limited release, as I am sure most every Acer and Samsung owner would. Any thoughts for such a program?
Casual Adventurer
Good Idea Spamalope! I'll help BETA test also!
Casual Adventurer

I'm skype subscriber and now I started move to google talk because I can’t have it working in my Tegra 2 device.

Novel Adventurer

Part of the reason I got the Galaxy Tab 10.1 was for the videocall and the App says that it now supports Galaxy Tab. Now I am ready on these forums that it doesnt support it. People need to get their information straight and stop giving out the wrong information. If it doesnt support the Galaxy Tab 10.1 than the Android Market shouldn't claim it does. And I dont understand how video chat can be support on what seems like all other devices now except this one.

Novel Adventurer

The Galaxy Tab is NOT the same as the Galaxy Tab 10.1


However, I too would like to see support for the Tab 10.1.

Casual Adventurer
Come on Microsoft! You're being selfish.
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