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Not receiving all messages on Samsung galaxy s2

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I often use the skype app for messaging, but every now and then I do not receive a message. I have windows skype running at the same time, and use android skype when I walk away from the computer. Sometimes a conversation doesn't make sense to me anymore.. and when I go check my computer it appears there's an extra message i didn't get on my phone. I haven't yet established if this is caused by being signed in on both pc and phone. As far as I remember, i haven't missed any messages when it was just on my phone, but I only ever find out when I go back to my pc. 


On a side note, the app works great, and it's almost always on. Great call quality both video and audio, good and easy interface, i love it. 

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Routine Adventurer

it will only work (receive calls) for the first 5mins if you "sync" your accounts

try it and time it

/setttings/accounts and select each account and hit menu "sync now"


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Novel Adventurer

Thanks for your reply.


I have no problem receiving calls.


I just don't get all of the messages people write to me. They are left out in the middle of the conversation. Skype is always synched. And if I manually sync it now, it's not bringing up that message that I do have on windows. Somehow it just doesn't show some messages..

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