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Not able to make call from Mobile(android)

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I am not able to make call from mobile device , i was using this till 18th Feb and after that i cannot make calls. I am using Express VPN to use skype and i checked the express VPN and it is working fine. I can make calls from my PC and laptop using express VPN. Please let me know what could be the issue , i have taken calling India subscription. I am using samsung galaxy s4 mobile and i tried in galaxy s2 also, both are not working. Please do the needful ASAP.

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same issue for me also . This starts from Feb 18. Please guys this is serious issue. Pease try to fix this issue as early as possible

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Same with me....cannot connect with anyone anymore!!  I have been using my ASUS tablet with Skype for three weeks and all of a sudden it is not working.  Skype help stinks!

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Same here. when will SKYPE acknowledge that there is an Issue.. For crying out loud not a single person I know in this country who has SKYPE on android can connect. But most users wont even take the time to go on to forums. FIX it lots of users Im sure will start going over to alternatives like Viber and Line,

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Same here.. Note3 via hotspot shield..
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I am having the same problem too,however,I can make a call to another mobile phones and landlines within my local area only but when I tried to call other country I can't connect.I have even paid a subscription just to avail a low rate call ,I have also credits paid at the same time and I have even bought my Skype number for I thought it is more easily connectible.Please help me how could I make a call for international phones
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Skype youseless developers not even care about this problem...Still they r not fixing issue...---



Guys you can overcome thi sproblem by installing previous version of skype which will find if you of luck




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Since last Tuesday a new update for Skype is available, version 4.7. You can download the latest update for Skype for Android in the Play Store


With Skype 4.7 for Android, we are introducing aggressive battery savings that will allow to leave Skype running without noticeably affecting battery life. 

This version also includes the following fixes:

  • Workaround for the KitKat bug which caused a runaway process when the camera was synced in the background.
  • Fix for audio and video calling on tablets that do not have Bluetooth.
  • Now lists your Windows Live Messenger contacts in the Skype (default) view, not just the All contacts view.

Could you please verify if this version solves the issue you are encountering? Please share your feedback.

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Can anyone confirm if this fixes the vpn issue, as I'm not in a Skype blocked country right now.
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Nothing has changed....its still the to phone doesn't work through android after Feb update

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