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No video call option on Galaxy S.

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Hey. Today I saw in the skype home page that now video calls are enabled on Android. So I updated the Skype app on my Galaxy S (GT-I9000, firmware version: 2.2.1). After updating I logged in to skype but for some reason the "Skype video call" option isn't there. (I searched for a video on youtube explaining how to video call someone)

How can I enable video calling?


thank you.

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I too have the same issue. I uploaded the new version of Skype for Android on my Galaxy S Vibrant (GT-i9000M) Build/FROYO Android 2.2 but do not have the Settings to Enable Video Calling.

On the Skype website it indicates that this phone (or any phone) running Froyo 2.2 will be able to Enable Video Calling (albiet, if it's not listed it will be at a lower quality).


THIS phone IS listed!


You should either remove this device (Samsung Galaxy S) from the list or fix the problem with the Vibrant!



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I currenty have Gingerbread on my Galaxy S vibrant, I can make a video call but it has no support for the front camera of my phone.


Skype Team, please make an update that will support the front camera for the Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant.


Thanks in Advance

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I have no video! I do not even have the ENABLE VIDEO CALLING button or setting. Any suggestions?
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how do I find the answer to my questiion?
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My wife has had the problem for a week... but didn't bother to ask for my help...


I have used my google super powers and....

My (only & working) Solution was to : RE INSTALL the app (deleted cache & settings before that)


After the fresh install -> i was prompted to re-enable the video calls (and also to re-enter the account username and password)


Cheers Android Folk... 

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