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No Video Calling Button On HTC Incredible S

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Casual Tourist

When I installed Skype for Android ( it indicated that video calling was compatible with this phone.  Problem is I don't get any video call button, just the "Skype Call" and "Send IM" buttons.  This is true whether I connect through the wireless network (Virgin Mobile Canada) or via WiFi.


Any ideas?

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Casual Adventurer

we have to wait...currently the android version of Skype only supports 4 handsets...2 Sonys, one HTC & one Samsung. I'm waiting impatiently too...would have been nice to video Skype from the cottage last week, rather than just voice.

Casual Adventurer

VERY happy camper now! Have done 2 video skype calls this a.m. one to US & one to Australia!!!! no problems at all connecting via wifi in the house!!!

Casual Adventurer
Is the galaxy s4 supported because I am not getting a video call button
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